The Institute is committed to advancing science in ways that can help achieve resilience in practice. This requires ongoing dialogue between scientists and those groups of practitioners seeking scientific information about the bay, such as public managers, community actors, and the general public. Active and sustained public engagement can help to target research agendas, improve the methods and data used to create new knowledge, strengthen public decision-making and learning, and inform efforts of different groups as they improve the well-being and health of the Bay and its communities. The Institute extends the reach of science through a few complementary forms of public engagement.  It coordinates venues for inter-agency dialogue, helps to facilitate community engagement around science, offers expertise to support decision-making among actors, designs tools that can help put resilience into practice, and communicates the latest research to the public. Explore the links below to learn more about the Institute’s engagement activities.

Decision-making, planning, and policy
Community Extension
Public events