The Science Steering Committee (SSC) is comprised of five representatives from the consortium institutions. Two Co-Chairs, appointed by the Executive Board in consultation with the Executive Director, oversee the SSC. Selection of the co-chairs will be based on a track record for encouraging research collaborations, including interdisciplinary science, and their experience working with stakeholders and public agencies. There are three Focus Area Leads who oversee the following areas of research: Socio-ecological Processes, Livelihoods and Well-Being, and Learning and Adaptation.  These positions are appointed by the Co-Chairs. The Co-Chairs work with the Focus Area Leads, Institute staff and the Executive Director to develop integrated research priorities for three central focus areas (see below). Sub-committees may be formed on specific topics and expertise drawn from the Institute Researchers.

Institute Researchers
Institute Researchers are Consortium faculty who are the backbone of the Institute’s scientific knowledge bank. They provide expertise and guidance to the Institute as members of the Science Steering Subcommittees. They are the Institute’s “go-to” group for collaborative opportunities, scientific input and resource sharing. In turn, the Institute provides Institute researchers with the following:

• Data and information sharing
• Collaboration and funding opportunities
• Assistance with stakeholder and community engagement
• Opportunities to bring work into decision-making space at the Public Agency and Stakeholder Agency Council meetings
• Opportunities to share research with a broader network through Institute-organized symposiums, conference, lecture series and webinars.