The Institute’s Summer Fellowship Program is designed to improve the ability of students to pursue environmental careers through experiential learning and hands-on training in using science to manage coastal urban areas. Fellowships provide formative experience and formal education and training in connecting science to environmental decision-making. Summer Fellows design, engage in and catalyze transdisciplinary research, while building new partnerships across the Institute’s research network. In exchange, the Institute aims to create new pathways and opportunities for careers in the environment.

2017 Summer Fellowship

2016 Fellows

2016 Institute Fellow, Jessica Joyner, is hard at work in the lab.

“I think I will always credit the SRIJB Science and Management Fellowship as the job that started my career. Through my work at SRIJB, I was able to make key career connections with those within their vast network of frequent collaborators. Without SRIJB, I would have never gotten my current graduate research position.”

– Rebekah Breitzer, PhD student, CUNY Graduate Center

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