With its leadership role in connecting science to decision making in Jamaica Bay, the Institute initiated a Fellowship program in 2016 to inform and increase resilience in Jamaica Bay and to strengthen collaboration among researchers and consortium institutions. In 2016, the program awarded over $60,000 to 10 students and post-docs from 8 home institutions. Research priorities were developed by a multi-disciplinary committee including researchers, community and environmental NGOs, and public agencies.

Research Development Fellows

  • Mary Alldred, Baruch College, CUNY
    Assessing Methods for Measuring Nitrogen-Removal Services in Natural and Restored Coastal Wetlands
  • Jose Anadón and Olivia Piñeiro Ramirez, Queens College, CUNY
    Structure of the Fish Community of Jamaica Bay in Space and Time
  • Maya Buchanan, Princeton University
    Resilience under uncertainty: understanding how residents’ flood risk tolerances and resilience preferences interact with projected flooding from sea level rise, storm surge and public adaptation measures
  • Amy S. Gage, Rutgers University, Center for Urban Restoration Ecology
    Fountain Landfill: Woody Recruitment 10 Years Post Restoration
  • Jessica Joyner, Brooklyn College, CUNY
    Ecosystem Health: Relating Coastal Pollution to Microbial Diversity
  • Reza Marsooli, Davidson Laboratory, Stevens Institute of Technology
    Physical-Biological Processes in Jamaica Bay: Response to Natural and Anthropogenic Environmental Stresses
  • Nathan Morris, York College, CUNY
    Developing a Collaborative Grant Proposal for Linking Microbial Diversity and Ecosystem Health in Jamaica Bay  


Science and Management Fellows

  • Joy Cytryn, Hunter College, CUNY
  • Rebekah Breitzer, The Graduate Center, CUNY


  • Christopher Wassif, Brooklyn College, CUNY