In 2018, the Science and Resilience Institute at Jamaica Bay (Institute) Fellowship Program will award funds to a limited number of graduate students enrolled in our consortium institutions.  Awards will be given to students who propose innovative research projects that promote the resilience of Jamaica Bay and its surrounding communities.

Applicants should propose projects aimed at addressing public agency and stakeholder-driven priorities in Jamaica Bay and the surrounding communities by:

  • Developing new pilot research;
  • Translating or synthesizing existing scientific research or data into actionable information products; or
  • Adding new dimensions of ongoing research to increase its usability

Successful applicants and their advisors should anticipate working with the Institute closely, if selected, to adjust the design of their proposed projects to increase their usability. The Institute will help Fellows and their advisors
develop a strategy for engaging communities, public agency representatives, and/or other researchers working on similar issues, as necessary and needed. Additionally, all successful Fellows will be required to participate in a three-day workshop and training focused on connecting science to decision-making.

The goal of this Fellowship Program is to improve the ability of students to pursue environmental careers through experiential learning and hands-on training in using science to manage coastal urban areas. Through engagement and training, Fellows will gain formative experience and knowledge around real-world resilience and sustainability problems, thus advancing the overall goal of Fellowship Program – to foster environmental careers through experiential learning in using science to manage coastal urban areas.


Key Dates 

Deadline for Applications – February 28, 2018
Applicant Notification –  March 30, 2018
Training & Orientation Week – May 30 – June 1, 2018
Submit Progress Report – July 31, 2018
Public Presentations – September, 2018, TBD
Submit Final Narrative Report – December 31, 2018

(Fellowship Period May 30- December 31, 2018)

2017 Fellow Bibi Calderaro leads an experiential walk of Fountain Ave Landfill for community members

The Institute works with different groups – coastal communities, public agency decision-makers, research networks – to produce integrated knowledge that can be used to increase biodiversity, adaptive capacity, and well-being in Jamaica Bay and surrounding waters. Hosted by CUNY – Brooklyn College, the Institute maintains core partnerships among the National Park Service (NPS), the City of New York (NYC), and a consortium that includes the City University of New York (CUNY), Columbia University, Cornell University, Rutgers University, New York Sea Grant, Stevens Institute of Technology, Stony Brook University (SUNY), and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

The Institute’s mission is to produce integrated knowledge that can be used to increase biodiversity, adaptive capacity, and well-being in Jamaica Bay and surrounding waters. As part of this mission, the Institute strives to make credible science relevant and useful for communities and decision makers. For more information about SRIJB research and engagement activities and key partnerships, please visit

Complete applications must be sent no later than 5PM EST, on February 28, 2018.



For any questions, please email