With its leadership role in connecting science to decision making in Jamaica Bay, the Institute initiated a Fellowship program in 2016 to inform and increase resilience in Jamaica Bay and to strengthen collaboration among researchers and consortium institutions. Since then, we have celebrated the success of 12 fellows. Their research projects were derived from research priorities that were developed by a multi-disciplinary committee including researchers, community and environmental NGOs, and public agencies.

2017 Fellows

  • Bibi Calderaro, MALS Program, CUNY Graduate Center
    Walking the Maps: Mapping the Walks – A recognition of the Jamaica Bay Watershed in collaboration with community-based organizations, members, and stakeholders to promote reciprocity and health in the area
  • Matthew Devine, Environmental Psychology, CUNY Graduate Center
    Ecological Restoration, Economic Revitalization, and the Role of Community Gardens: Edgemere, East Rockaway NY

2016 Fellows

Research Development Fellows

  • Mary Alldred, Baruch College, CUNY
    Assessing Methods for Measuring Nitrogen-Removal Services in Natural and Restored Coastal Wetlands
  • Jose Anadón and Olivia Piñeiro Ramirez, Queens College, CUNY
    Structure of the Fish Community of Jamaica Bay in Space and Time
  • Maya Buchanan, Princeton University
    Resilience under uncertainty: understanding how residents’ flood risk tolerances and resilience preferences interact with projected flooding from sea level rise, storm surge and public adaptation measures
  • Amy S. Gage, Rutgers University, Center for Urban Restoration Ecology
    Fountain Landfill: Woody Recruitment 10 Years Post Restoration
  • Jessica Joyner, Brooklyn College, CUNY
    Ecosystem Health: Relating Coastal Pollution to Microbial Diversity
  • Reza Marsooli, Davidson Laboratory, Stevens Institute of Technology
    Physical-Biological Processes in Jamaica Bay: Response to Natural and Anthropogenic Environmental Stresses
  • Nathan Morris, York College, CUNY
    Developing a Collaborative Grant Proposal for Linking Microbial Diversity and Ecosystem Health in Jamaica Bay  

Science and Management Fellows

  • Joy Cytryn, Hunter College, CUNY
  • Rebekah Breitzer, The Graduate Center, CUNY


  • Christopher Wassif, Brooklyn College, CUNY