Coastal Adaptation Impacts on Water Quality and Flooding

Coastal Adaptation Impacts on Water Quality and Flooding Philip Orton, Nickitas Georgas, Alan Blumberg, Stevens Institute of Technology; James Fitzpatrick, HDR, Inc. Hundreds of thousands of NYC residents in Jamaica Bay’s watershed live on land vulnerable to flooding from a hurricane storm tide. Many

Dune-Beach Geomorphology

Monitoring and Evaluation of Restoration and Resilience: Dune-Beach Geomorphology, Jamaica Bay Unit, Gateway National Recreation Area Michael P. De Luca, Norbert P. Psuty, Joshua Greenberg, Rutgers University Shorelines and their associated dune systems are in a state of flux. This

Visionmaker Jamaica Bay

Title: Visionmaker Jamaica Bay: Analysis of Community-Generated Adaptation Strategies to Enhance Resilient Ecosystems in Jamaica Bay Post-Hurricane Sandy, New York Investigators: Eric W. Sanderson, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS); Shorna B. Allred, Cornell University (CU); Dr. Marci Meixler, Rutgers University (RU)